WAIT-Issue with iOS 12.0.1

If you haven’t already updated, WAIT! I’ve read several articles about a major issue in the newest iOS 12.0.1 update.

The app that’s not working? The “phone app” is shutting down or not functioning 100%. You might be able to start a call, but not be able to use other functions, like hanging up the phone. Or you can open the phone app, but not be able to dial, choose a contact, or put the call on mute.

iPhone 8 and older seem to be the versions being hit the most with this issue.

As soon as I can find more from Apple support forums, I will update this post.

Thanks for stopping by!

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

3 thoughts on “WAIT-Issue with iOS 12.0.1

    1. Glad to help, I haven’t seen anything else on this issue. But I do have a pending update in settings. I’m on 12.0.1 and Update is 12.1 but I’m waiting as usual. Also note, don’t charge your phone at night if you don’t want the phone to automatically update. Usually happens 2-4 am for auto update when you are charging the phone. I’ll be searching for more information this weekend.


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