New in iOS 12-Measure App


If you’ve ever needed a measurement of something, now you have it in your hand! In iOS 12, a new Measure app is ready and waiting for you to start measuring.

How to Measure

First, let me clarify this is not an exact measurement you would use to measure and cut something.  Unless you’re looking for an “approximate” fit. 😂  However, you could use this to see if a new table will fit in an area in your home.  You could even use it to measure the kids and have a fun way to show them how they have grown!

Below are Apple’s directions, which are very easy to use.  The measurement looks pretty perfect too.  My measurement below however is a lot more realistic of what the typical user will see.🤣


My Use of Measure App

The measurement of my iPad keyboard is more realistic.  So it does takes a little playing around with it, but you can have some fun with it too.  This is acutally a screenshot of the measurement.

When you use the Measure app, you will see the “measuring” on your screen.  The phone is using what’s referred to as Artificial Reality (AR) in this app.  That’s why it looks like the measurement is laying on top the keyboard.

Several games use AR to play on basically any surface you start the game.  Mammoth is the game I currently have on my phone.  It’s a mini golf game with an “Ice Age” theme.  Try the game and see what you think.  The kids will love it!


Have You Used the Measure App?

Let me know what you’ve measured and add a photo to your comment.  You’ll have to do a screenshot (push the home and sleep button on the side) to be able to save as a photo.

Thanks for stopping by today!  Please share with family/friends and by email too!


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