Weekend Reblog-Hugh’s Views & News

Having trouble getting visitors to your blog? Here are 7 things I do that have resulted in thousands of readers reading my posts and leaving comments.

via 7 Things You Can Do To Make Your Blog Posts Standout And Get Read — Hugh’s Views & News

Hugh has a lot of great ideas here and in other posts on his site.  His information has been very helpful to me since starting my blog in May this year.  I’m sure you will find one or more tips to use on your blog.

Thanks for stopping by today!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Reblog-Hugh’s Views & News

    1. Congratulations on the new phone! I just posted there have been update issues with 12.1. Would you be interested in answering 5/6 questions about your use of the new phone maybe in a month or so? I’d be thrilled to use it as an interview on my site, and of course link your site as well. I think your insight would be so useful for those thinking of updating their phones. If you agree, I’ll come up with some questions and send them to you to pick which ones you would like to answer. Thanks!

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