Alert: Issues with 12.1 Update Use Caution


Many articles are being shared about serious and not so serious issues with the current update of 12.1 for iPhones and iPads.  Some are as serious as people being able to hack your phone just by a phone call.  I haven’t confirmed this source, but wanted to make you aware.  If you want to read more about this you can start here iOS 12.1 Problems or is also another good source.  Remember to use Reader View Stop Website Frustration with Reader View to stop all the ads from showing.

I’m researching more information, but for the time being I’m recommending to NOT update to 12.1 on any device.  I’ll post more of what I find in Reddit later this weekend.

Stop Auto Updates While Charging

If you receive the update notification, you will be asked to update now or later.  If you click on later, you will see a pop up with a time your device will auto update and you’ll be required to put in your password.  To stop automatic updates, DO NOT charge/plug in your device during the time stated on your pop up.

Why Don’t They Test the Software?

Acutally they do over and over.  Apple (and other companies too) uses 1000’s of  “Beta Testers”,  to test out software before it’s pushed out to the public.  Many people pay to acutally be a beta tester and get the most recent updates to their devices.

Then there are employees at Apple to research and attempt to “break” the system.  If you’re looking for the hottest, higher paid jobs to go into, it’s Network Security.  I don’t have the patience for it or I’d be back in school.  😂

When you create software, new and old features will be “touched” by the change in the process.  It’s impossible to find all the issues before sending out to the public. I really believe it’s due to two main reasons.

One, people make a good living trying to “find” these issues for Apple and other software giants.  The “legit hackers” are getting better and better (younger too) every day at their job, so it’s inevitable you will hear about more software issues.  It’s a good thing really.

Two, customers WANT MORE including me!  But, as Apple and others are pushing out software as fast as the customer demands, something will break.  It’s nearly impossible to detect every bug until it’s out in the “wild” (real, everyday people) using the device on a regular basis.  Sometimes, bugs don’t even show up until the device has been used for a week/month or even longer.  It’s the nature of the beast!  Some features Apple has created are amazing.  Some not so much.  Personally, I’ll never use FaceTime with 32 people!  Not even sure how they came up with that number.  😂🤷🏻‍♀️

Last thought for today, if you are experiencing issues with your device, remember the first rule of thumb, turn it off and then back on.   Let it completely shut down, then turn it on again and see if you’re still having the same problem.

Thanks for stopping by today!

Debbie 👩🏻‍💻


3 thoughts on “Alert: Issues with 12.1 Update Use Caution

    1. I think you’re right on features. I’m just not happy with the multiple times updates have “bricked” devices. iPhones and watches have been bricked on the last two updates. I just heard yesterday the Apple Watch has a new update since the last one was pulled. But you have to have 12.1 on your phone to update. More for me to research! Thanks for your input!

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