Quick Tip-Save Website on Home Screen

Not sure why I didn’t post this a long time ago!  Do you have a website you visit often (like this one🤷🏻‍♀️) or maybe a store that you like to use their website not use an app?

Another example is your bank.  I like to use my bank’s website when I’m paying bills or need to view all the options available.  Many times the bank app doesn’t have the exact functions as the website.

How to Save a Website to Your Home Screen

I’m using screenshoots of my website (hint hint) to show you how to save.  😊

Open the website you want to save.  This can be done on your phone or ipad.  Click where the arrow is pointing, a box with an up arrow inside.


You can see on the bottom row the arrow is pointing to “Add to Home Screen”.  You may need to scroll over to see the option.  It will depend on how many apps and functions you have on your phone.  The other arrow shows the option to select to “Mail” the website link to yourself or someone else.


When you choose “Add to Home Screen”, this pop up box will appear.  You can Add or Cancel at this point.  The “logo” of the website appears next to the website address.  Above the website address is the name of the website.  You can click on the name and make it shorter or any title you like.


Once you hit Add, it will show up on your phone or iPad with the logo (if there is one) or a small capture of the last screen you were on at this website.  That’s all there is to it!


Will You Use This Tip?

Let me know if you will use this tip or if you are already saving websites to your device.  What sites have you saved to your Home Screen?

Please share this tip with your family and friends on your social media.  Click the icons below.  You can use this tip to email the links to any of my website posts.  Just click on the post and follow the directions above.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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