New Apple Watch 5.1.1 Update

Old Update Pulled

In October, Apple pulled the 5.1 update because it was “bricking” watches. Bricking means your watch (can actually happen to any device) just stops working in the process of updating.  It’s something only the Apple Store can resolve for you, which usually means they replace the device.  Here’s the previous post on the 5.1 update Do Not Update Apple Watch

New Update Available

The new 5.1.1 update is ready and I updated last week!  I searched and didn’t find any issues that were being reported.  There were several bug fixes and the Walkie Talkie app has been tweaked to improve using it between the new S4 and previous Apple Watches.  So if you tried Walkie Talkie and had issues, try again and hopefully your experience will be much better.

You also get over 70 new emojis including a Red Head!  You know we’ve all been waiting for a redhead right?

Where is ECG/EKG App?

Rumor has it, the ECG, or more commonly known as EKG, may come out for the S4 watch on the next update 5.1.2.  Many are looking forward to this new feature.  Personally, I can’t wait to play around with it and see how it works.  

Several things I’ve read have played down the feature because they think people won’t go to their physician or will be going unnecessarily, based on the app.  Both are valid points, but it can’t really be determined until the app is available to see what it’s capable of doing.  More to come on this topic soon!

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