3 Easy Tips Using Siri


Hey Siri, Turn On the Flashlight!

Yes, you can have Siri turn on or off your flashlight on your iPhone.  One of the most recent things I’ve found that Siri can do for me.  Siri has gotten faster and more fun to use.

You can use even more complex statements like, text mom I’ll be over around 9 tonight.  Or call mom on speaker!

You can use Siri to set alarms, appointments, even reminders, “remind me to get gas when I leave work”.  How cool is that?  Here’s a previous post on using location based reminders you might like as well.  Reminders: Never Forget Again!

Check out all of what Siri can do for you after you have installed iOS 12.1 on your iPhone or iPad.  Apple’s Siri after 12.1 Update

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Debbie 👩🏻‍💻

5 thoughts on “3 Easy Tips Using Siri

    1. I haven’t found a way to “open” magnifier, but you can put it in your Control Center for easier access. Go to Settings, in search type Customize Controls and this will take you to the control center options. Here you can add magnifier. Now when you swipe up on your iPhone, magnifying option will be there. Hope this helps.

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