Merry Christmas! Delay iOS Update 12.1.2

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Thank you to each of you who take the time to read, share, comment, and like my blog posts!  It’s been a whirlwind 6 months of blogging and I’m learning more everyday.

I hope you continue to come back and are even more engaged with questions and comments into the new year too!  Maybe Santa will bring you all the “Apples” you asked for and some you didn’t know you needed! 📱⌚️💻

Update Issues with iOS 12.1.2

Now the not so good part!  Apple released this update about 5 days ago.  After waiting and reading what’s involved with this update, I don’t see a reason to update.  You need to turn off Auto Updates in your Settings.  Go to Settings, General, Software Update, at the bottom of screen you should see Automatic Updates.  I will say it’s in the Off position or if it’s Green it’s turned on.  Do this on your iPhone and iPad if you have both.

If you’re not having issues, you might want to wait until 12.1.3 update is available.  Hundreds of users across the world, are sharing on Twitter, FB and other social media that they have “No Service” or very bad LTE connections after updating.   I haven’t found any articles specifically stating where the issues are happening or how many exactly.  So when I read “hundreds” of users across the world, that’s really nothing.  Unless, you’re one of them of course.

Update or Not?

Since I use my phone for work and I don’t have a landline in my home, I’m holding off for now.  One of main issues this update is fixing for people is with eSim cards.  If you’re not having any problems with this, I’d say don’t update until 12.1.3 is available.

Blog Update

I haven’t been posting lately due to a busy work and personal schedule.  Hopefully in the New Year, I’ll be able to get back on a more regular posting schedule.

I’m sure many will be getting new phones or other Apple devices for Christmas and I hope to keep everyone updated as to what’s going on in the Apple world!

I’m off a few days over the next week, so I’ll post some short tips and how to’s then!

Thanks for continuing to stop by to read and share my blog!


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