iPhone Issue After 12.1.2 Update

macbook pro iphone cup desk
Photo by Life Of Pix on Pexels.com

Update Issue

As I had recommended, I did not want to update my phone until the next update was available.  

However, I needed to charge my phone and left it plugged in all night.  In the morning my phone had updated between 2-4am.

Message Alert Sound Issue

When you receive a text message, typically you receive an alert sound and a notification pop up. This depends on how you have your phone set up of course.

After the update, my phone did not receive the alert sound when my phone was locked. However, the text message notification was coming through.

Solve The Issue

I tried several troubleshooting ideas and nothing worked. But here is how I fixed the issue.

Open Settings, Notifications, Messages, and you’ll see the “Allow Notifications”. I toggled that off and back on and problem solved!

This will most likely help with other issues if you can turn the function off/on again.

Let me know if this fixes an issue you may be having.

Thanks for stopping by! 👩🏻‍💻

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