5 Tips During Power Outages

With all the bad weather and possible power outages predicted, here’s a few tips to keep your phones charged.

Charging Tips

  1. Keep your laptop and all laptops in your home fully charged! Even if you have an old one you don’t use often, keep it charged during times you know you might lose power. You can plug your cell phone or tablet into the USB port using your regular charging cables.
  2. Open your control center by swiping up from your home screen. Lower the brightness and put your phone in airplane mode. Note: Airplane mode will stop calls and text messages until you connect to your Wifi or a cellular connection. You might only do this periodically while you have no power or cellular connection.
  3. If you choose not to use Airplane mode, closing apps you don’t need will help with battery life. Apps may be running in the background, draining your battery. Double tap the home button and swipe up to close the apps. For iPhone X and up, just swipe from the bottom and close by also swiping up.
  4. Turn off Location Services. Go to Settings, swipe down from the top for search bar, type in location and select one that says Privacy under the word Location. Location Services can be toggled off and then later turned back on if needed. This will stop the phone for searching in the background.
  5. Try texting family and friends.  Even though you can’t make or receive a call, text messages may still go through.

Hope these were helpful!

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6 thoughts on “5 Tips During Power Outages

  1. May I add a couple more tips? Our phones may wake up and go back to sleep dozens of times each day without our noticing. I find that placing my phone screen-side down helps the battery charge faster and drain more slowly because it goes back to sleep more quickly if it wakes. Why? There are sensors on the front of the phone (in addition to the “selfie” camera) which are designed to pick up ambient lighting conditions in order to auto-adjust screen brightness, even if you aren’t using that feature. Some phones also allow you to unlock the screen with a retinal scan or have a feature to determine if you are looking at the screen. Setting the phone face-down prevents these sensors from unintentionally scanning for eyeballs, movement and lighting.

    Also I use an app called Night Owl which dims the screen and switches on a blue light filter at a scheduled time every evening. Blue light is the type emitted by electronic devices that is supposed to be harmful to our eyes and keep us from sleeping well.

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