ECG App for Apple Watch Series 4

Photo by Pixabay on                                                                                                             Apple with a heart seemed appropriate!❤️

ECG App in Action

If you have an Apple Watch Series 4, you should now be able to use the ECG app.  The app is available in the US, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico and Guam.  I plan to update this post once I find it’s available in other countries.  The ECG app was part of the last update for the watch.

PDF View

You’ll see my most recent ECG from Sunday, 1/20/19 at 11:50am!  You are able to save it as a PDF file and send to your physician/PCP as needed.  I blacked out my date of birth, but otherwise this is what a PDF version of the results look like.  (I saved as a photo so I could edit the size for this post).

To clarify, this is a one-lead ECG (the sensor on the back of the watch and one in the Digital Crown) versus a 12-lead ECG you may have had previously or seen on TV.

I showed a previous ECG to my primary physician and she was surprised at the PDF format.  She stated, yes this is normal sinus rhythm.  I had to hold back from saying, yes I already know because my watch told me so.  ⌚️😂

Have You Tried the ECG App?

If you have tried the app, let me know what you think.  If you have showed your physician, let me know how they reacted.  This is the techy person in me talking and one of the main reasons I got the series 4 watch.  That and the Fall Detection feature.

Here is a link from Apple to show you features of the Series 4 and more information on the ECG app.  Apple Watch Series 4

Note:  all Apple Watches can give you a heart rate reading.  A new feature is you can set up a high and low heart rate alert.  If you have an Apple Watch 3 or older, open your Apple Watch app on your phone.

Scroll down to Heart and tap to open.  Here you’ll be able to set a high and low heart rate notification.  You’ll also see that you can learn more Irregular Heart Rhythms by clicking on the link provided in the app.

Thanks for stopping by! 👩🏻‍💻

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