5 Tips for Apple iPhone and iPad Pro Keyboards

If you’ve ever used a computer or laptop, then you probably know a shortcut or two on your keyboard.  There are keyboard shortcuts on your iPhone and iPad Pro’s keyboard too.  There may be a few differences between the iPhone and iPad, but pretty much they are the same.

Letter and Number Shortcuts

Wonder how you can make these?  Ø œ ö

Lightly press the letter “o” and hold, you’ll see a pop up, slide your finger up into the pop up and  over the one you want to use, that’s it!  Not every key has different options, but many letters and symbols will have a pop up option.

What number do you think is the only one with a different option? Press the number “0” and see what happens.

° It’s the degree symbol! Now you can type, it’s so hot today 96°!  It doesn’t get much better than that right? 😂




Check out these other letters and symbols to see what you can do.  a, s, e, n, y, u, i, o, l, z, c, n –  /  $ & “ . ? ! ‘ %



Keyboards Can Be Different

If you are using a keyboard like Apple’s Smart Keyboard for your iPad, the shortcuts are not the same.  I’m not familiar with Mac computers, but I’ve read that the Smart Keyboard has shortcuts and commands similar to the Mac computer or laptop.  Here is a YouTube video from 9to5 Mac.  It was very helpful with how to do screenshots with Apple’s keyboard.  Who knew there were 10+ ways?

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