Group FaceTime Disabled

Wanted to post and update you about the “bug” found in Apple’s Group FaceTime (GFT) feature.

As of yesterday, Apple disabled GFT, so that it can’t be abused intentionally or unintentionally.

One-on-one FaceTime (FT) is still operating as designed with no issues.

What Happened?

Apparently, when you started a GFT conversation, the first two on the call were fine. When the third person, and any additional people, were being added to the GFT call, their phones would connect BEFORE the person accepted the call! Which meant audio and sometimes video started before the receiving person knew the call was connected. 😳

Again, one-on-one FT calls are functioning without issues.

Apple is working on fixing this issue and pushing out the update later this week. There is some major overtime going on at Apple!

Why Did This Happen?

My best guess is the issue didn’t happen during testing. Is it a major issue? YES! But the GFT has been out about four months. That’s a long time for a bug to get missed by so many users. There are people who try to “force” issues to happen and that’s their job, which is great. Apple has tons of testers and they didn’t catch it.

Software is tricky. Something can happen one time and never again and you can’t duplicate how it happened the first time. Or an issue can just happen out of the blue and affect every user.

If you’re still worried about possible access to your phone, go to Settings, then FaceTime and turn it off.

If you have multiple devices, like an iPad, Mac computer/laptop, or more than one phone, you would need to turn it off in all your devices.

Update or Not?

Recommendation: WAIT! When the update comes out, wait at least 24-48 hours before updating. This quick fix could “break” something else accidentally.

Apple is rushing this out so just be aware updating right away is always a risk. If issues start popping up with the update, I’ll put out the information as soon as it’s verified.

Thanks for stopping by!👩🏻‍💻

2 thoughts on “Group FaceTime Disabled

  1. Yes, I’d heard about that. Honestly I’ve never even used the Group FaceTime feature, but thank goodness it was disabled. It is technology after all and things can always go wrong, but that’s a long time to have had it going on before becoming aware of the issue.

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