Best Tip You Need Before You Lose Your iPhone

white smartphone beside silver laptop computer
Photo by Studio 7042 on

Have you ever lost your phone?

Do you tend to not be able to “find” your phone a lot?  Maybe you left it on a table in a restaurant or bar?  Maybe you left it in the bathroom at work!

Here’s a quick way for someone to contact you if they find your phone.  Create a wallpaper with your own with a message, similar to the one below.  Use your home, work, or a friend/family member’s phone number for the number listed in your message.

  • Try Typorama app (used to create photo below) free in the App Store.
  • In Notes app, create your text and then save as a photo.  Hold side button and home button to create a screenshot (8+ or older phones) iPhone X or newer phones, screenshot by holding the side button and Volume Up button at the same time.  Both ways you should hear a “shutter click” sound like when taking a photo.  Unless you’re phone is on mute 😂
  • Here’s a link to a previous post on Apple’s wallpapers for how to/tips. Wallpapers the Choice is Yours

Please share with your family and friends on your social media!  You can also click on the “Ask A Question” tab to email me directly your questions or issues.  I’ll only post the information with your approval.

Thanks for stopping by! 👩🏻‍💻

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