Tip for Website Surfing


apple brand logo signage
Photo by Pascal Renet on Pexels.com

Website Logos

When you search the internet, you’ll see company logos that you’re familiar with and some you won’t know.  Like Apple’s famous Apple!  There’s an easy way to see those logos in your website browser as you switch from one site to another.  It’s an easier way to tell that you’re at the website you wanted because you’ll recognize the logo.

Logos in Websites

Check out the screenshot below from an iPad Pro.  To see the logos, go to Settings, scroll down to Safari, scroll down and turn on the “Show Icons in Tabs”.  That’s all you have to do!  Need a refresher on finding Settings?  Check out this previous post.  Settings = Information

Below are website logos on my iPad Pro.  If you don’t have the icons turned on, what you’ll see is the acutal website address.


Remember to share with your family and friends on your social media.  Use the Ask A Question tab above for any issues you might need help with and it will not appear on the website without your approval.

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