MacBook Pro Tips Needed

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Where’s The Emoji’s Apple?

Today I’m needing your tips and tricks on using a MacBook Pro 2015!  Treated myself when a long time friend said she had one to sell.  Thanks Karen!

Going from Windows 10 daily at work to using this device is a lot different.  Where’s the EMOJI’s Apple??? Ok I did find them, but it’s not that user friendly.  Scrolling with two fingers on the trackpad is weird and fun all at the same time.

So what’s your best tip or trick using your MacBook?  Updated to Mojave and figured out how to get Citrix Workspace to connect to work.  Weekend is coming up so I’ll have time to play around.

Thanks for stopping by today!👩🏻‍💻



6 thoughts on “MacBook Pro Tips Needed

        1. I’ve worked on my MacBook this past week at home . Today I’m working on my “work laptop” at home due to connection issues. Funny how quickly I used the track pad the same you do on a Mac. But took a few seconds to transition back.

          I use a mouse all day at work. Not with the MacBook. I think if I use a mouse only with my work laptop, even at home, it will be a lot better to go back and forth. Now to get a wireless mouse. 😊


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