Apple Tip: New Event Date Set

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New March Apple Event

Nothing is confirmed, but the expected date is Monday, March 25th or Tuesday, March 26th.  What people are talking about… AirPods 2, Apple News service, possible wireless charging pads, new iPads, and maybe a new iPod!

Do you have something you are waiting for or looking forward to Apple announcing?  Let me know and I’ll research if it’s an upcoming feature or device.

What’s spiked my interest is the highly anticipated Apple TV streaming service!  I’ve read it’s supposed to be announced at March event and available by May 2019.  The service is said to be comparable to Hulu and/or Netflix.

If you don’t have an Apple TV, it may be able to airplay to your TV using your phone or iPad, but that’s to be determined.  Once the event happens, this post will be updated to show what actually happened.

What You Need to Know Before the Event

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If you are thinking of buying new devices, regardless of what they are, keep your eyes open for what’s coming in March.  When new devices come out, the previous versions start going on sale or may be have a permanently reduced price drop.

So if an AirPod 2 is announced the original AirPods will drop in price.  It can be a dramatic price drop so if you can wait, wait!  The Apple Watch series 3 ($329 and up) dropped to the previous starting price of the series 2 for $279 when the series 4 was announced.  That was a big drop!


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