Best Photo and Video Tip for Apple Devices

How to Take a Photo While Taking a Video

Have you ever thought, I wish I had a photo of that shot from a video?  Follow the steps and screenshots below and you’ll see it’s very easy and everyone will love having photos and videos!!

✺Open your camera app



✺Tap the word video


✺Tap the red circle to start your video

✺Tap the white circle to take a photo.  You should feel a small “haptic tapback” when you tap the white circle.  This indicates a photo was taken and your video will continue recording.  You won’t be able to tell in the video that you took a photo.

✺Try this on a test video so you can get the feel of recording and getting a photo at the same time.  After taking a couple test photos in a test video, tap the red square to stop recording.  Then open your Photos app to make sure your video and photos are there.  Play around with it a little before taking a video that you want to keep.


Feedback Assignment!

Here’s your assignment!  Try this tip and let me know how it works for you.  Did you already know about this feature?  Share with your family and friends on your social media using the icons below or share by email too!

Thanks for stopping by today!👩🏻‍💻

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