Where Did Your Apps Go on Your iPhone?

apps blur button close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Did you ever delete an app and then a week later wish you hadn’t?

Or you wanted to share an app you used in the past, but can’t remember the name?

We all have and today this post will show you how to get them back!

How to Find Old Apps

Open the App Store, pull down at the top of your screen to use the Search bar.


First, tap on Updates at the bottom of your screen.  Then tap your photo, or blank circle if you don’t have a photo added, to get to the next screen.


Next, tap Purchased to get to the screen you need to find your old apps.


Here you will find apps you have installed on your phone and apps that have been deleted.

All apps will be included here as purchased even if they were free apps.  OPEN means the app is already installed on your phone.  If you see a cloud with the down arrow, you would need to tap that cloud to download the app again.

Use the search bar to find an app if you remember the name or even a word in the app’s name.


Share, Share, Share

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Have a question you’d like to ask or problem you need help with?  Use the “Ask A Question” tab at the top.  I’ll receive an email and I’ll always get your approval before sharing on the blog with others.

Thanks for stopping by today! 👩🏻‍💻

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