Best Tips for Contacts on iPhone


To add contact tap the + sign


Add the name of your contact and company name as needed.  You can choose the type of phone number to enter here as well.


You can set a specific ringtone and text tone here so you know who’s calling.


You can add all kinds of information here.  You can also tap on “add field” for additional options.


You can add a photo from your Photos app here.


Here you have many options for the contact.  This number was found in my Recents tab at the bottom of the contact screen.  You can block a number, share the contact, share the location, create a new contact, or add this information to an existing contact.


If you select Share Contact, this is the screen that will pop up.  Then you can text or email the contact.  The receiving person, assuming they have an iPhone, will be able to save the contact and all it’s information.


This is my primary care physician.  When I call her office, I usually use Siri or my bluetooth option in my car.  I always say call Dr. Michelle Russell.  So keep in mind when you set up your contacts how you’ll ask Siri to call this person.


If you add an address, the map will automatically populate and you’ll be able to tap on the map for directions.



Will You Use This Tip?

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