3 Tips Cleaning iPhone Case

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Do You Clean Your Case on Your iPhone?

Have you heard the stories about the germs that live on your phone cases?  It’s pretty frightening! How do you clean your case?  If you have a pop up holder or ring on the back of your case, you may have to find a way to clean around the holder.

3 Tips You Can Use Today

First, follow the recommended process from the manufacturer of your case. You should go to their website and find what’s recommended for your specific case. Cases can be very expensive and you don’t want to ruin it or void the warranty, if your case has one, by cleaning it the wrong way.

Second, if you have an Apple case, I’ve provided the link below on cleaning your case. You’ll also find how to clean all kinds Apple products here too.
Apple’s Link to Clean Apple Products

Third, use a case that is easily removed and easily cleaned. Recently, a coworker bought a new iPhone and case at the Apple store. It took three of us to get it off it was so snug! That’s not good, in my opinion. If you can’t remove it, how will you clean it? Come on Apple!!

My personal favorite case is a smooth, thin, silicone type case from Spigen on Amazon. It’s easy to wash with soap and water and easily comes off the phone, but feels secure at the same time.  Note:  I paid for my case and don’t have any affiliate links with Amazon. It’s just one of the cases I like to buy.

Thanks for stopping by today!👩🏻‍💻

13 thoughts on “3 Tips Cleaning iPhone Case

    1. That’s a great idea too. Cases can be expensive if you’re going for a certain look. I just look at durability of protecting the phone. I use wipes too and I use a glasses wipe on my phone screen and camera lenses. Makes a huge difference and gets germs too. 😊

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      1. Yes! Also, I look for the sides of the case to come up a bit, so if the phone were to fall face down, the cover sides serve as some kind of bumper. Don’t know if I made sense there?! 😏
        But yes, the sides need to rise a bit on the phone case.

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    1. I thought people reading this will think I’m germ nut 😂. I’ve worked in a hospital setting for 38 years and we hear all about germs and how they are everywhere. I don’t touch door knobs or the buttons in the elevator at work. I wear a scarf most everyday to grab onto doors, etc. 👩🏻‍💻 I read too many reports on germs I think. 🦠

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      1. Didn’t think you were a germ nut! Hehe! That’s a great idea, to press the buttons with your scarf.
        With kids I often have napkins in my bag, so I’ll grab a napkin to turn door knobs or touch elevator numbers, and then just toss them napkin in the trash.

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        1. Working in a hospital setting 38 yrs will do that to you 😂. I’ve seen so many stories on cell phone germs and the arms of seats at the movies. The movie one really grossed me out! 😂 I like the napkin idea too. I wash my scarfs every week so that start to look worn a lot sooner.

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          1. I’m sure, you have enough experience to give us. Ugh, once those germs come into your house, they gets us all. Eek!
            I tell my kids when they get home from school, to wash their hands before they touch anything. It has to become a habit, washing hands properly is essential to try to avoid getting sick.

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