Best Five iPhone Tips to Make Your Life Easier!

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Five Questions!

  1. Are you a techy person?
  2. Does your device help you or frustrate you?
  3. Is asking your kids how to use your iPhone the norm?
  4. How would you like to show them a new tip?
  5. Do you have five minutes?

That’s all you’ll need to read these tips!  All comments welcome and remember to share with your family and friends!

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1. Add Contacts as Email VIP’s 

Waiting on a special email that says “You’re A Winner”😊?  Want to find your favorite people’s emails instantly? Follow the steps below.

  • Open email app, tap VIP link, tap Add VIP
  • Search and choose contact (contact must have email address)
  • Tap Mailboxes to go back
  • Tap “blue i” on VIP link to add more
  • Swipe left on contact to edit/delete
  • Tap VIP Alerts to add alert tone in Notifications





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2. Use Siri to Make Calls Handsfree

No bluetooth in your car or your phone is across the room and you need to make a call?  Ask Siri to make a call for you on speaker!  Follow steps below.

  • Confirm “Hey Siri” is toggled on, search and tap Ask Siri
  • Scroll down to “Listen for Hey Siri” and toggle on
  • Say “Hey Siri call (name) on speaker”
  • Always lay phone face up for Siri to be activated80F57D30-2567-4B34-A418-3912E6B81595   AE226645-FCCF-4B7F-BB14-7BAD9765C855




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3. How to Change Your View in Notes

Change how notes are displayed in your Notes app by following steps below.

  • Open Settings, scroll down to Notes
  • Scroll to Viewing, tap Sort Notes By
  • Sorting Options:  Title, Date Created, Date Edited



4.  Apple’s Tips App

Quick tips from Apple with directions and video!

  • From main screen, pull down for search bar
  • Type Tips
  • Tap a topic to view videos




5. Easy Screenshot Accessibility

One of my favorite tip for bloggers!

  • Open Settings, type in search bar “Assistive Touch”, toggle on and open
  • Tap Customize Top Level Menu, tap minus sign, delete all but 1 icon
  • Tap Custom icon, scroll to Screenshot, tap to select
  • A “floating” white/black circle will appear on your screens
  • Tap circle to take a screenshot
  • Screenshots saved in Photos app





Thanks for stopping by today! 👩🏻‍💻

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