AirPods What’s New?


New AirPods Available

Today Apple is having their March event!  One of the new devices, which is already available, is AirPods. They are the same size and look, but have a new chip and the case has the ability to charge wirelessly.  The AirPods can also talk with Siri.  For many that will be a game changer.  I’m sure Apple will give more details if you get a chance to watch the live event.

If you have jumped to the wireless charging band wagon, you will be able to buy the wireless charging case without buying new AirPods at about $79.

Not sure there will be a price drop in the original AirPods, but there may be deals available for them at non-Apple stores.

Which AirPods Should You Buy?

If you decide to purchase new AirPods, make sure to check out Apple’s website for all the details.  Here’s the link:  Apple’s New AirPods

There will be lots of new things to review and I can’t wait to update you with new tips!  Thanks for stopping by today!👩🏻‍💻

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