Apple Credit Card

Credit Card Game Changer

What is Apple Credit Card? Apple has set out to be the leader in credit card processes. Your own card number specific to your device! When you make a purchase, the card number is not given to the retailer. It’s both fraud protection and privacy rolled into one card.

NO FEES! No late fees, no over credit limit charges, no international fees, no annual fee, NO FEES! But it’s so much more.

DAILY Cash Back! So imagine making a purchase and at the end of the day you get a cash credit to the Apple Cash Card. You can use the Apple Cash Card to buy anything you want just like cash! Both the credit card and cash card live in the Wallet app.

When & How to Sign Up

Apple Credit Card is scheduled to roll out this summer. You will use your iPhone to sign up and in minutes you will be able to use the card in the Wallet app.

All purchases qualify for DAILY cash back at 2% for all Apple Pay transactions and a special 3% on purchase of Apple products! 🤩 No points to calculate or save up to use when you reach a specific amount.

For those places that don’t accept Apple Pay, you will have an actual credit card and be eligible for 1% daily cash back.

Privacy, Well It’s Apple

Plain and simple, Apple will not track your purchases or sell your data. The bank, Goldman Sachs, also agreed to not sell your data and will not collect data! Privacy to the max!

Oh one more thing, no more cryptic purchase codes that leave you dumbfounded as to what you bought. You can even map it to the exact location of the purchase.

Financial Help

Apple has made it easier to understand your credit card balances, how much you’re paying in interest, and how paying more often saves you money.

No percentage amount for interest was given, but it was said to be lower than other cards.

Apple Video Links

The first link is to Apple’s website with a video of how the credit card will work. It’s a stunning video with beautiful colors and graphics.

The second link is the Apple Credit Card presentation from the event on 3/25/19. This is a cut down version of the new services. The credit card is the second presentation, but it’s only about 6-7 minutes long. I suggest watching all the video to see upcoming services. It’s a very visual presentation with lots of great information.

Apple’s Website Credit Care

Apple Event Presentation 3/25/19

If you couldn’t tell, I’m signing up for the card on day one. 😂

Thanks for stopping by today! 👩🏻‍💻

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