Apple Phishing Email


Fake Email

Today’s post is more of a reminder to stay aware about “phishing” emails.  What is a “phishing” email?  It’s an email that tells you there is an issue you need to fix, or change your password, or your account has been deactivated.  They come from all sources, from all company names, and recently I received one from someone trying to access my Apple ID.  The majority seem very real and often tell you to act immediately.

Important Steps to Take

Most important step, do not click on any links, in any email.  If you want to double check your account is safe, go to the company’s website and login to your account from there.

Also, to help you determine if the email is phishing, review the screenshot below from App Apple.  Always check for spelling and/or grammar errors. This is usually a red flag.

Using the email example from App Apple, you can go to, login to your account to verify it’s not been deactivated.  Also, this is a great time to change your password.  Apple has an email to forward phishing emails to for them to review.  That email is:




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