Fast Photos App Tip

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Photos App on Your iPhone

Doesn’t this photo just scream Spring is here?  Nothing Apple related, but a beautiful photo!

You’ve probably opened your Photos app 1,000’s of times.  Have you ever scrolled down and looked at the options?  It’s a great way to quickly access only your videos, screenshots, or your portrait mode photos.  Also time to empty your deleted photos album!

Note About Hidden Folder

Putting photos in the “Hidden” folder doesn’t really keep them secret, if that’s what you’re needing to do.  For example, you’ve take a few photos of possible gifts for your kids.  You put them in the “Hidden” folder and think nobody can see them.  Not true, because whoever has access to your phone can easily look at this folder.

Check out this coming Friday’s post for the best option in this situation.

Screenshots Galore

Yes, I take a lot of screenshots and use most of them here on my blog. 😂

Check out the screenshot below, then play around with using it and let me know what you think! Again, all you do is open the Photos app and scroll down. Fast and easy 📱


Sharing is Caring

Yes that’s kind of cheesy, but it got your attention!  Remember to share this tip with your family and friends using the social media icons below.

Thanks for stopping by today!👩🏻‍💻


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