Apple Pay and Apple Wallet


Apple Pay

With the new Apple Card coming this summer, maybe you can start practicing using Apple Pay on your current devices.

Apple has updated their Apple Pay set up video, which includes setting up different devices How To Set Up Apple Pay .

Practice when the line is short and make sure you have another form of payment with you.  Many stores are new to using Apple Pay too.  So each experience may be a little different. Their employees may be familiar with the process or may have never seen it done before.   I’ve used Apple Pay on my Apple Watch several times at CVS.  It’s a good place to start practicing because it’s not as busy as your grocery store or McDonalds!

Apple Wallet

Do you use Apple Wallet and what do you have in your wallet?  Here’s what I have so far in my Wallet.  You will need your login name and password to add accounts you currently are using in stores with just your phone number.  Like Walgreens or Office Depot.  Note:  If you try to create a new account, you may lose all previous rewards points.


This is where your Apple Pay credit cards “live” on your phone.  If you have rewards cards from your local stores like Kroger’s or Starbucks, this is where they will “live” as well.  Credit cards at the top and rewards cards at the bottom.

The easiest way to add your rewards cards is to scan the bar code.  Here is a link to Apple’s support page on adding rewards to your Wallet.  Adding Rewards Cards to Apple Wallet

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