Apple Single Sign On in Fall

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Ok, so what’s “Single Sign On”?  In the Fall, Apple will release a new iOS 13 update.  This will include being able to use an Apple generated email as your sign on in websites, apps, etc. 

It won’t be ALL apps and websites.  It will be those that ask you to create a new account or use the option to sign in with your already created, Google email or FaceBook account.  Any app or website that offers Google email or FaceBook login will be required to offer Apple sign in as well! Yay!!

Why Is This Important?

Whenever you sign into an app or website that gives you option to sign in with your Google email or FaceBook account, you are giving them access to way too many things. 

It could be to your personal information, purchase data, location data, tracking of your viewing activity in FaceBook, it goes on and on!  It’s all in the “Terms of Agreement” that nobody reads, including me.

Apple has created an “Apple Sign On” that will give the app or website a randomly generated email address that will then be redirected to your real email account you provided Apple.  It’s all encrypted and none of your information goes to Apple and or to the app or website you’re signing into.

This is a big step into protecting your privacy and data.  Many of you may already be familiar with Single Sign On (SSO) through your employer.  It’s being required more and more to protect the data and access to your employer’s computer system.

Question to Answer in Comments

Have you ever logged into an app or website that asked you to use your Google email or FaceBook account to sign in?  Did you feel it was safe to do so?   Let me know in the comments and if you think you will use Apple’s Single Sign On.

Other iOS 13 Updates Coming

Here’s a quick video from CNET that reviews the new updates coming in the Fall.


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4 thoughts on “Apple Single Sign On in Fall

  1. This is great news, Debbie. Yes, I use ‘sign in’ via another application a lot, usually via Twitter. I’ve never thought about safety when signing in via Twitter because Twitter only has some basic information about me. However, the new Apple sign-in is going to make me a lot happier, especially given that some sites seem to get hacked. I found out last week that Flipboard had been hacked. They advised all users to change passwords.

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    1. Oh no, I had not heard that about Flipboard! I agree this is probably the best news to come out of the conference. You really have no idea what’s being agreed to and who they are selling the data too. It’s all a bunch of numbers and money to FB, Twitter, and Google.

      I also can’t wait for the new Apple credit card. The same privacy will be attached to it as well. 😊

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        1. Great question! Apple has created a daily cash reward system that will be added to your Apple Cash card. That is separate from the Apple Credit Card. So the rewards will be added daily! You can use the cash card similar how you use a gift card to pay for anything. I’m not sure if this goes live in the US first, then UK or if it will be at the same time. If you look at the website it has a great video about this.

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