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Apple’s iOS 13 Beta vs Public

There is a lot of media out there discussing what they think the new iOS 13 will feature.  This link to Apple is a good start to what you should see in the Fall iOS 13

You might also be hearing a lot about “beta” versions of the software for developers and for the public.  What is a beta version?  Basically, it’s used as a testing ground for all the features that will be coming in the final iOS 13 public release.

Developers download the beta version to test their own apps to see how they function.  Plus work out any “bugs or glitches” they might find.

Public beta versions are released to those who agree to Apple’s confidentially agreement. It’s typically very experienced users who also have an extra device to do the testing.  Many bugs and glitches are found by users and Apple depends a lot on them to find them before the officially release to the public.

Would You Be a Beta Tester?

Personally, I’m not a beta tester only because I don’t have an extra device to practice using the beta software.  It would be fun to be able to be in the testing playground!

What do you think? Would you become a beta tester?

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