Libby: Borrow Free Books & Audiobooks


Best App:  Libby

Libby is an app that you connect with your local library using your library card.  As long as you have a library card, you can use this app.

Listening to audiobooks can be fun, but expensive if you’re paying for a service.  Personally, why pay for audiobooks or books if you can “borrow” them for free without leaving your comfy sofa!  Some people don’t like e-books and that’s ok.  But for audiobooks this is a perfect option.

Plus you can use your phone or your iPad.  Download the app on both and there is an option to sync them to each other.

You will be able to set your preferences to books or audiobooks or both!  Put items on hold, which puts you on a waiting list.  Once your item on hold is available, it will automatically download to your device.  You’ll receive an email telling you the item is now available on your “shelf”.  This is where all your current items you’re reading or listening to live while you are borrowing them.

How to Get Libby?

Here is a link to review the process of how Libby works.  Libby is an app created by OverDrive.  This article includes information about OverDrive, which was used prior to Libby being created.     Libby App Overview and Video

Will You Use Libby?

Let me know if you already use this app or if you download and try reading or listening to books.  I use it daily and think you will enjoy it too!  Plus free is always great right? 😊

Thanks for stopping by today! 👩🏻‍💻

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