Notes App Repost & Review

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Website Update

Trying something new this week.  Posts will go out on Saturday afternoon so when there are questions, I can respond sooner, than later.  Always trying to keep it fresh and new.  September will bring all kinds of news and information for iOS 13 and Apple watchOS 6! Can’t wait until the new Apple event!

Notes App Review

Below is a link to a previous post on using the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad.  Today you will find a few tips on using the Notes app to create a checklist or create a table.

Check Off That To Do List or Create a Table

The screenshot below shows how to do to create a checklist and a table.  The red area is where I have hidden my notes.  Comment below if you have any questions.


Previous Post & Apple Link to Notes App

Here is the previous post mentioned, Notes So Much More to Know. Here’s a link to Apple’s website with additional information Apple Support Using Notes App

Remember to share with your family and friends on your social media using the icons below.  Easy way to share these tips and how to’s.

Thanks for stopping by today!👩🏻‍💻

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