Blogging Break

With lots of scheduling changes and rethinking how best to use this site, I wanted to share that I’m taking a “blogging break” from my Apple tips blog.

Another factor in making this decision, Apple has had so many updates recently, which is making it even more difficult to keep up with posting accurate information.

I still love my Apple devices, actually just bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max! What I don’t love is all the updates and issues each update has seemed to create. With so many devices, it’s become very difficult to share what works (or doesn’t work) for an iPhone 7 and what works for the latest iPhone.

This blog will remain open and I will still answer questions. I really appreciate all of you who have followed, commented, and liked my posts!

I plan to post on my other blog, Kindness One Cup at a Time on this same platform. It’s much easier for me to keep up with at this time.

Kindness One Cup at a Time

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon on my other blog for some kindness, living life, laughs, coffee & cats!! ❤️☕️

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