Air Pods Easy Tip to Use While Working From Home

Working From Home With many working from home now, including myself, I’ve found this tip very helpful. I’m currently working from my dining room table. My college age son is home also. He connects his Air Pods to the Apple TV and can watch his show while I’m on a conference call. It’s worked very well with both of us in the same space. The first time you use them with your Apple TV, make sure the Air Pods are in the case and set them next to the Apple TV. You may need to have them in the same … Continue reading Air Pods Easy Tip to Use While Working From Home

Easy Tip Using iPhone While Wearing a Mask

iPhone tip while wearing a mask, especially at the grocery store. I’m trying to look at my list/Kroger app and need to enter the passcode each time. Go to Settings, Display & Brightness, scroll down to Auto-Lock and tap to open, tap Never. This sets the phone to never lock, so be aware if you have information that may be work related, personal, etc. I’m holding my phone the entire time and once done shopping, I change the settings. This can also be a drain on the battery if left on too long. This is also great to use while … Continue reading Easy Tip Using iPhone While Wearing a Mask

Apple Safety Features Using iPhone and Apple Watch

How to Use Safety Features There are multiple ways to use your iPhone or Apple Watch to call/notify emergency services. Review the information in the link to see what options you have and how to use them on your device. Also, highly recommend using the Medical ID feature on your iPhone so EMS, police, or hospital staff can see your medical conditions, current medications, etc. This is vital information in an emergency and could help save your life. Click the link below to learn how your specific device operates to contact emergency services. Health & Safety with Apple Devices Continue reading Apple Safety Features Using iPhone and Apple Watch

Apple ID Support

Apple ID Have you ever forgotten your Apple ID login? Check out this post and learn what to do if you forgot your Apple ID or password. The first screenshot shows the link “Go to your Apple ID account page”. Click the Apple Support Link below to create/change your Apple ID. This screenshot shows you what you’ll find once you click the link to go to your Apple ID account page. Follow the link here Apple ID Support to learn more. Continue reading Apple ID Support

Apple Pay

Using Apple Pay With many of us making a lot more online purchases, security is even more of a concern. Apple Pay is a very secure process. When you swipe any credit or debit card that is attached to your Wallet app, the transaction does not use your card number. It’s processed with a random number from Apple. You can connect most cards and then your bank has to confirm they will accept this type of transaction. The Apple Card is something new for Apple. It’s their own credit card and once you apply and are approved, your card then … Continue reading Apple Pay

$200 off: How to preorder Apple’s new iPhone SE for just $199

Apple’s upcoming 2nd-generation iPhone SE is available for preorder from several online retailers for the retail price of $399, however a $199 iPhone… $200 off: How to preorder Apple’s new iPhone SE for just $199 Here’s a quick deal I’m reblogging from that posted today. Check out this $200 savings by 4/24/2020 and make sure to read all the details so you know what you’re getting! Continue reading $200 off: How to preorder Apple’s new iPhone SE for just $199

Update on Cleaning Your Apple Devices

How to Clean Your Devices Cleaning your iPhone is essential! If you google how dirty is my iPhone, the information is overwhelmingly clear YES your phone is dirty. Apple has updated their support page on cleaning devices. I’ve included the link here today. Make sure to read it and then RUN and clean your phone! 😂📱 How to Clean Your Apple Device: Updated for 2020 Continue reading Update on Cleaning Your Apple Devices

Back to Blogging Again!

Blogging Again Hello! I’m back to posting on my blog again and redirecting my focus too. I’ll pick a topic, give you an introduction, and then provide a link to Apple’s website for directions.  I’d love your ideas too! Leave a comment or ask a question if you have a topic that interest you! First Topic:  Using FaceTime In the current world, we are not seeing our family and friends as much as we’d like. Apple’s FaceTime makes it easy for you to connect as much as you want. The link below provides information on using FaceTime on your iPhone, … Continue reading Back to Blogging Again!

Blogging Break

With lots of scheduling changes and rethinking how best to use this site, I wanted to share that I’m taking a “blogging break” from my Apple tips blog. Another factor in making this decision, Apple has had so many updates recently, which is making it even more difficult to keep up with posting accurate information. I still love my Apple devices, actually just bought the iPhone 11 Pro Max! What I don’t love is all the updates and issues each update has seemed to create. With so many devices, it’s become very difficult to share what works (or doesn’t work) … Continue reading Blogging Break

iOS 13 Updates for iPhone

Software Update to the Update? My last post said to wait at least 24 hours to update. So far nothing has surfaced that is causing major issues. If you haven’t updated to Apple’s latest iOS 13, you might want to wait anyways. Rumors have already started there may be a new iOS 13.1 available next week. If you want to wait, then you don’t have to do two updates so close together. Apple typically doesn’t confirm this until the update is available. This is very common because you can test and test software and once it’s public, a glitch can … Continue reading iOS 13 Updates for iPhone

iOS 13 Update

Today is the release of iOS 13. As always, I recommend waiting at least 24-48 hours before downloading. If you wait until next week, it would be even better. This allows time for any unexpected bugs to be caught and worked out before you update. It’s hard to wait, but it’s the best recommendation. This also applies to any device update. Thanks for stopping by today. 👩🏻‍💻 Continue reading iOS 13 Update

Apple & Third Party Repairs

  Apple Launches Approval for 3rd Party Repairs This is great news, especially for those who don’t live close to an Apple store.   Each repair location will need to have a certified technician which is offered as free training.  So this should make it easier for smaller businesses to join in the repair of iPhones a lot easier. You can read more in the link below! Third Party Repairs Thanks for stopping by today! 👩🏻‍💻 Continue reading Apple & Third Party Repairs

Easy iPhone Tip: Who is Calling Me?

  Use Contact Photo to See Who is Calling Just a few easy steps and you can see who is calling using a contact photo.  This does require you have a photo of the person or photo that represents that caller. Open the Phone app on your iPhone as pointed out in the first photo. Click on Contacts at the bottom of your screen. Search and select the contact you are adding a photo, click edit in top right Click on “add photo” in top left, select your photo, then click Done in top right Next time you receive a … Continue reading Easy iPhone Tip: Who is Calling Me?

New Photos App Tip

These photos were taken by me at a local grocery store entrance. Using in my screen recording today. Here’s a quick tip to look at a photo on your phone without opening and swiping. I use this when I’m looking at several photos of written text that I can’t read in the “thumbprint” size. It may take a few tries as my nails got in the way a little. 😊 Open the Photos app Put your finger tips on any of the photos and pinch and hold You can decrease and drop back into place or let go and open … Continue reading New Photos App Tip