Welcome to Mobile Mom Tech Rescue!  My name is Debbie and I’m excited to say I’ve been blogging on my website since May of this year!  I really love seeing people get excited about something new they have learned from the tips and how to’s on this blog.  Their comments have all been positive and encouraging.

Then and Now

I’ve always had a love of gadgets and technology.  I believe it started with my first real gadget, my Easy Bake Oven in the late 60’s. It was amazing to me that you could bake a cake almost anywhere!  I also love taking photos and found that my iPhone 8+ is always with me and takes amazing photos.


Why I Blog

Have you ever had to ask your kids or grandkids to help with your phone, tablet, or mobile device?  I did and it’s not fun at all!  Oh mom, all you have to do is…blah, blah, blah.  I know you can see the eye roll 🙄 that goes with that statement too.  Don’t even ask them how SnapChat works?

I didn’t start with a grand plan.  I wanted to challenge myself to figure out how to create a website.  It’s a great way to share information!  You’ll be able to take this information and use it with the technology you hold in your hands to enjoy the amazing things your mobile device can do for you.

The majority of the information will pertain to Apple products.  Depending on the device you own, a specific tip may need a tweak or two to work for you.  Leave a question and we can easily figure it out together.

Pick a topic and let me know what you think or Ask A Question by clicking on tab at the top.  Feel free to like and share posts on your social media as well.

Thanks for stopping by today!


Header photo via Pexels